Our Story

As two boys born and raised in Seattle, eating healthy and living right has always been an important part of our lives from the very beginning. We first discovered poke while chasing sunsets in Maui.  The store was a small shack, but the Poke left a big impression. When we made the decision to open our first location, we had one theme in mind: Give More.  It’s a simple idea, but one we take to heart.  So we set out to run our business the right way.  From our vendors and partners, to our employees and customers, we decided to put people first. We turned away big national players with lower prices, preferring instead to partner with local vendors.  In constructing our stores, we used recycled materials, energy efficient lighting and low VOC paint. We decided against cheap plastic inventory that was bad for the environment and pursued materials that were biodegradable and compostable.  For us, Washington isn’t just a state to do business in, it’s a home to take care of.

Our belief is a simple one. Eat Clean, Act Right, and Live Well.

— Danny & Norman

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Just Poké has been certified as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant by the Surfrider Foundation. Ocean Friendly Restaurants make a pledge to use less plastic and take other steps to help protect our ocean, waves, and beaches

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) recognizes and rewards efforts to protect oceans and safeguard seafood supplies for the future, so that future generations are able to enjoy seafood and oceans full of life, forever.

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) mission is to transform aquaculture towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The ASC recognizes and rewards responsible aquaculture, promotes positive environmental and social choices for consumers, and encourages the seafood market to value sustainability.

Just Poké purchases our salmon from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified producers with complete traceability from boat or farm to delivery. BAP is the world’s most trusted, comprehensive and proven third-party aquaculture certification program.