Just Poké is a healthy poké fusion restaurant chain that was founded in 2016 by two Seattle natives after a trip to Hawaii. They decided to bring the concept home and offer these delicious bowls in the fast-casual setting that has made Just Poké unique and beloved by our customers.

The company also strives to be a responsible part of the community by sourcing all of our ingredients sustainably, partnering with local vendors and delivering exceptional customer experience. We serve sustainably-caught sushi-grade fish, served in compostable packaging. We also use recycled materials, low VOC paint and energy efficient lighting in the construction of our stores.

Our quick-service approach has less overhead cost than most traditional full-sized kitchen models. This allows for more resources to be poured into our ingredients and staff. We’ve taken a simple concept and executed it well, and have had success in expanding to 11 stores within our first five years.

Just Poké is a destination for delicious food that is healthy, visually appealing and aligned with our customers’ values and lifestyles. We’ve grown exponentially since opening that first location, and are looking for partners who share our vision! Join the Seattle area’s fastest growing poké brand and contact us today to discuss the opportunities in your area.

32 restaurants open by 2024 including expansion to BC

40+ restaurants open by 2026 including further expansion!

Just Poke offers a variety of options to fit many dietary restrictions, including but not limited to those adhering to a Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan or Keto diet.

Just Poke proves that fast food can be convenient AND healthy!

Just Poke serves exclusively sushi-grade fish in addition to sustainably-sourced shellfish. We also have a variety of premium toppings to elevate the value of your bowl. There are plenty of options to choose from for you to customize your bowl in endless ways!

Just Poke has woven sustainability into the fabric of our brand. It is in the front of our minds in every aspect from new store construction, ingredient sourcing to biodegradable packaging.

The quick-service model Just Poke operates under provides the flexibility of simplicity. There are no full kitchens in any of our locations, so less overhead costs up-front in comparison to the majority of other restaurant models. We are able to operate efficiently in smaller spaces, and serve long lines of customers quickly with fewer employees.

Just Poke’s brand exudes happiness and fun, and centers around providing an exceptional customer experience. A colorful poke bowl can remind customers of Hawaiian sunshine even on the stormiest Seattle day. You’ll be able to count on support from the corporate team to aid in your franchise’s success.

Give More is a core tenant of Just Poke’s Mission to serve the community we’re a part of. We do this by partnering with local vendors, supporting other local small businesses, and donating our food to causes and groups serving our community.

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