At Just Poké we try our best to ensure our diners eat the freshest, safest food possible to ensure every meal is delicious. This informational guide is designed to help diners with food allergens, food sensitivities or have other dietary restrictions enjoy their meal. Download PDF version of this guide.

The following highlights our menu items that contain any of the eight most common allergens and intolerances based on information provided by our suppliers. We strive to keep this information as up to date as possible and recommend you recheck to see if this guide has been updated every time you dine if your allergy or intolerance is severe. Ingredients, production, and processing methods used by our suppliers may vary or change without notice and product differences may exist among local suppliers.

Please note that both our vendors and normal kitchen operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas. Cross-contact with other foods may occur during production and we cannot guarantee that any menu item is completely free from a particular allergen.

See also our Nutrition Guide.

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