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Just Poké is a healthy local poké chain in the Pacific Northwest, with restaurants located throughout Western Washington.

As two boys born and raised in Seattle, eating healthy and living right has always been an important part of our lives. We first discovered poke while chasing sunsets in Maui. The store was a small shack, but the poke left a big impression. When we made the decision to open our first location, we had one theme in mind: Give More. It’s a simple idea, but one we take to heart. So we set out to run our business the right way. From our vendors and partners, to our employees and customers, we decided to put people first. We turned away big national players with lower prices, preferring instead to partner with local vendors. In constructing our stores, we used recycled materials, energy efficient lighting and low VOC paint. We decided against cheap plastic inventory that was bad for the environment and pursued materials that were biodegradable and compostable. For us, Washington isn’t just a state to do business in, it’s a home to take care of. Our belief is a simple one.

Eat Clean, Act Right, and Live Well
Danny & Norman



Our goal is to Give More, that means running our business the right way, while thinking of others along the way. From the local businesses and vendors we partner with to source high quality, sustainable, natural and nutritious ingredients for our menu. To our team members we rely on to provide exceptional customer service each day. To our guests who seek us out to make this whole dream possible. Every decision we make as a business ties back to each of these stakeholders. With this philosophy driving our daily operations, we know we can create amazing value for our guests, partners, and staff, as we all grow together along this great journey


In the hospitality industry, our fundamental role is to be of service. To us, that means putting others before ourselves. To continually and proactively think of new ways to better serve the interests of our guests, our partners and our team members. We could choose to simply open our doors each day and sell delicious bowls of poke, but we know we can do so much more than that. As two boys born and raised in Seattle, we like to think of our business not in terms of a giant part of our world, but as a small part of the Community and City we love. We push ourselves to perform even ordinary tasks at an extraordinary level in every aspect of the business; from menu research and development, to team member training, to manager mentorship.


No restaurant can survive without great food! With that truth in mind, we turned to the best local sources. It all begins by using only sustainably sourced fish of the highest quality available. From there we partnered with local suppliers for our produce to ensure freshness with a keen awareness of overall environmental impact. After subjecting our friends and family to extensive taste testing, we found a few secret ingredients to finish off our recipes, and the result is a delicious meal that is as fun to look at as it is to eat. Our hope is that each guest will leave with the feeling that we’ve fulfilled more than just their hunger and return with a desire for more than just good food.